Elite Paid Member Service

Elite Services for elite people

Bharat Match Point launches Personalised Matchmaking services.

A personal matchmaker to help you find your life partner. No need to search thousands of profiles to identify suitable prospects. All in a confidential and sensitive manner. Life partner search made easy!

Elite - Personalised Service

  • Personal matchmaker services and Personalised Experienced astrologer Service
  • Help in searching and short listing profiles
  • Personalised Experienced astrologer for horoscope matching service
  • Personalised e-mail to all matching profiles
  • Access to verified phone numbers
  • Profile highlighting
  • Send personalized e-mails
  • Add - Photo
  • Phone verification
  • Personalized call alerts
  • Personal Matchmaker to understand your needs and find you the perfect life partner
  • Reach your Personal Matchmaker directly on her mobile number between 10.00 AM and 6.00 PM IST.
  • The Personal Matchmakers are based in India and their services are also extended to members across the globe.
  • Your Personal Matchmaker will search, identify, shortlist and contact prospective life partners on your behalf.
  • You can decide if your Personal Matchmaker should only search and identify compatible profiles or whether the matchmaker should go ahead and complete the initial rounds of contacting profiles.
  • Your Personal Matchmaker also tracks responses, monitors matching profiles and keeps you informed on developments related to matchmaking on a regular basis

Special Feature:
  • Get personalised horoscope matching services with Personalised Experienced astrologer.
  • Introductory E-mails to matching profiles- An exclusive email will be sent on behalf of the BM Elite member by the Personal Matchmaker to all his/her matching profiles. This is a great way to reach to all your matching prospects at one go.
Besides the personalised service you will also get all the standard benefits enjoyed by Standard Paid Members.

How it works

Single Point Contact -

You will be assigned an exclusive customer care executive who will serve as your single point of contact for any help with regard to the website and also help you use our services effectively.

Help in searching and short listing profiles.

  1. We will shortlist the existing profiles based on your star match and your expectation manually.
  2. Send you the Profile, Photo and Personalised Horoscope Matching result between you and the prospective profiles signed by an Astrologer by courier.
  3. We will add those profiles in your favorites and you can see that online in your membership page.

A Phone Call Away

You can reach your customer care executive on his/her mobile or through e-mail anytime between 10 AM & 6 PM during weekdays.

Follow-Up Communications

  1. Your customer care executive will follow up with members who have not responded to your messages, based on your requests and we will send your Profile, Photo and Personalised Horoscope Matching result between you and the prospective profiles signed by an Astrologer by courier.
  2. After the courier reached to them we will ask them their interest and let you know about that.

Instant Uploads & Validations

Your customer care executive will ensure that whenever you upload or add details to your profile it will be added instantly and skip the usual 24 hour validation process.

Free Photo Session

Free Photo Session from Leading Photo Studio by Profession Cine Photo Grapher up to 10 Stills.

Your Personal message to matching members

An exclusive e-mail will be sent on your behalf to all your matching profiles. This is a great way to reach several matching prospects at one go.

Visit our Centre

The Bharat Match Point centre are easily accessible and within reach. Plush modern air-conditioned interiors, a calm and peaceful ambience, facility to search with privacy and above all the guidance of professionally trained staff makes finding a life partner at the centre a pleasurable experience.


Services offered at the Bharat Match Point  Centres:

Avail of a Bharat Match Point Centre Package - service that comes with the benefit of a trained counselor who will help you search and take printouts of matching profiles with their complete contact details with Photo,Horoscope and Biodata with Personalised Astrologer Prediction.

Terms and Conditions

Age Criteria:

  • For male members, the Relationship Manager will shortlist and initiate contact only if the prospects age difference is less than 10 years
  • For all other cases the Relationship Manager will shortlist but contact to be done by member only
  • For Female members opting for the Privilege service, the Relationship Manager will initiate and contact prospects of the same age or above

Marital Status Criteria:

  • Divorcee
    • Relationship Manager to shortlist and contact other Divorcee/Widow profiles
    • Relationship Manager to only shortlist other marital status profiles. No contact
    • Matches would be religion based. In all other cases Relationship Manager will only shortlist but not initiate contact

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